Go Ahead: Adorn Yourself!

Oh Baby!

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So this weekend I got a call from a friend of mine requesting a last minute baby gift . Now normally I don’t like to create my items in a hurry but as this was a good friend of mine I agreed to do so. My first challenge was selecting a pattern ; I thought this would be relatively simple but boy was I wrong! There are so many patterns available that it took me an hour to decide on one (I must confess though that I was very indecisive). So after that was done off to my LYS  (local yarn shop) I went to get my materials. As the gender of the baby wasn’t known my friend requested that I make the blanket in both blue and pink. So I walked the aisles touching ,feeling ,stooping to dig through bins and guess what? I couldn’t decide on a yarn either! What’s a girl to do when she’s under the gun time wise and can’t make up her mind? Go to Jamba Juice of course! So I left the store and when in search of cool fruity refreshment (oddly enough I had no trouble deciding on a flavor) but back to my story. As I was waiting for my little bit of heaven to be prepared I started asking myself “whats bothering you about this project?”I thought about it for a minute or five and decided that it was my color options that were creating the problem. I mean Blue and Pink just seem so boring for a baby item , why not Green, or Yellow,or even Turquoise? So I decided that I’d add a lovely little variegated yarn that contains both colors plus two more and that did the trick. and already a quarter of the way done ,I’ll post project progress photos soon. In the mean time remember to “Adorn Yourself”, and if you’ve got a minute come visit me here: 


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