Go Ahead: Adorn Yourself!

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The Speed of Life

Lately I’ve felt as if things are moving faster than I can keep up with. It actually makes me feel very uneasy (the control freak in me I guess). Anyway I know I can’t possibly be the only one feeling this way so I have a question. How do you cope with similar feelings? Thanks in advance for the feedback!


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Recently I’ve been on a Crochet Earring binge. Seriously I’ve made almost a dozen pairs over the last two weeks. I’m having a ball with these beauties because they’re quick to complete and you can really let your imagination soar. What’s your go to quick project ?

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I need a Cool Breeze

OK, so I’ve been having some pretty heated sessions with my yarn lately. Why you ask ? Because it’s so damned hot that’s why! I love my craft but this time of year I back off to create really small things, things that don’t cover my lap.So this summer it will be all earrings, bracelets, necklaces and yes even dog collars. In the meantime would some body please send me a cool breeze???  

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Friday’s Fantastic!

What is it about Fridays that makes us so happy? I mean besides the obvious end to the work or school week? There’s something about this particular day that makes the light seem a little brighter,music sound better,and food oh so much more delicious! I would imagine that all of the other days of the week get a little jealous of all the attention that Friday gets but really Friday can’t help it , it’s just such a fantastic day that folks cannot wait for it’s arrival. Now don’t get me wrong Saturday is a pretty good day but it’s usually filled with errands, housework, or heaven forbid laundry, and practices of some sort so it just doesn’t have the same feel as a Friday. A typical Friday night for me involves the decadence of staying up super late watching all the shows I’ve DVR’ed during the week, digging into a new crochet project and enjoying a good bottle of wine with the Hubs.Enjoy you Friday folks and remember any day of the week is a good day to ; “Adorn Yourself” 

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A Tunisan Afternoon

So earlier this week I met up with a group of friends to learn a new skill, Tunisian Crochet. It’s something I wanted to learn but for some reason I kept putting it off so when the chance came up to hang out with friends and learn while sipping homemade Sangria I couldn’t pass it up.Here are my observations, it’s not as hard to learn as I suspected, It’s easy to frogg ( rip out) , I did a lot of that , and the resulting fabric is dense and sturdy (great for bags). All in all I’m enjoying it and if you haven’t tried it you should. As always you should “Go Ahead; Adorn Yourself”