Go Ahead: Adorn Yourself!

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Not Bunny Hoppin

So this year the Hubs and I decided to skip all of the occasionally crazy holiday hoopla and just hang with each other. After a lovely little continental breakfast in bed we’re off to the movies . Enjoy your Easter and remember ; everyday is a good day to “Adorn Yourself”!


Mountains & Sea Halter Top

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Mountains & Sea Halter Top

The inspiration for this item is very simple, Jazz Festival season is coming! With that in mind I decided to create a cute little number that can be paired with jeans, skirts, shorts. Once completed this halter will feature a corset back , a lace up front and fringe along the bottom edge. As I began making this item a certain song by “his purple badness” kept rolling around in my head so that’s where the name come from. I’ll post a pic of the finished product later. Let me know what you think of it so far and also what other colors you think would be good for the next one.As always remember to,
“Adorn Yourself”

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Oh Baby!

So this weekend I got a call from a friend of mine requesting a last minute baby gift . Now normally I don’t like to create my items in a hurry but as this was a good friend of mine I agreed to do so. My first challenge was selecting a pattern ; I thought this would be relatively simple but boy was I wrong! There are so many patterns available that it took me an hour to decide on one (I must confess though that I was very indecisive). So after that was done off to my LYS  (local yarn shop) I went to get my materials. As the gender of the baby wasn’t known my friend requested that I make the blanket in both blue and pink. So I walked the aisles touching ,feeling ,stooping to dig through bins and guess what? I couldn’t decide on a yarn either! What’s a girl to do when she’s under the gun time wise and can’t make up her mind? Go to Jamba Juice of course! So I left the store and when in search of cool fruity refreshment (oddly enough I had no trouble deciding on a flavor) but back to my story. As I was waiting for my little bit of heaven to be prepared I started asking myself “whats bothering you about this project?”I thought about it for a minute or five and decided that it was my color options that were creating the problem. I mean Blue and Pink just seem so boring for a baby item , why not Green, or Yellow,or even Turquoise? So I decided that I’d add a lovely little variegated yarn that contains both colors plus two more and that did the trick. and already a quarter of the way done ,I’ll post project progress photos soon. In the mean time remember to “Adorn Yourself”, and if you’ve got a minute come visit me here: 

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Where’s The Love???

I don’t know about you but I’ve fallen out of love with more than my share of projects. Some have been relatively small and others have been pretty big but regardless of size the end result has been the same, I fall out of love with them. Sometimes I think that maybe it’s my yarn choice (not the right color or not interesting enough) or  perhaps it’s the pattern itself . Whatever the reason the item typically winds up in my yarn stash, sometimes reappearing months later or never seen again. In any case if any of you have ever experienced this and have some insight please feel free to share them, I’d love to hear from you. 

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Wow ! What a tremendous accomplishment!

Good morning. Have you heard yet ? We’ll if not let me be one the first to congratulate the folks over at Ravelry for hitting four million users! That’s right 4,000,000. At around 12am Eastern they welcomed the new user who tipped the scales ( I wonder if that person knows they’re number 4 mil?). If you’d like to know more give this link a cut paste and check it out

Congrats again Ravelry, we love you guys!