Go Ahead: Adorn Yourself!

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A Tunisan Afternoon

So earlier this week I met up with a group of friends to learn a new skill, Tunisian Crochet. It’s something I wanted to learn but for some reason I kept putting it off so when the chance came up to hang out with friends and learn while sipping homemade Sangria I couldn’t pass it up.Here are my observations, it’s not as hard to learn as I suspected, It’s easy to frogg ( rip out) , I did a lot of that , and the resulting fabric is dense and sturdy (great for bags). All in all I’m enjoying it and if you haven’t tried it you should. As always you should “Go Ahead; Adorn Yourself” 


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The Big Finish!

I don’t know about you but the closer I get to the end of a project the more excited I get . I have to admit that I get a little obsessive about. It’s like an unveiling , I can’t wait to see the item pre-blocking and then it’s as if the item can’t dry fast enough ! How do you feel as you get closer to completing a project ?